Located in the Zhengzhou High-tech Development Zone, Zhengzhou Foreign Language School is a key senior middle school under the direct guidance of the Zhengzhou Education Bureau, which serves students from the 7th grade right through to the 12th grade. Accredited by The Department of Education of the P.R.C., it belongs to the National Teaching Research Association, and is one of the 13 top foreign language schools across China which is entitled to directly send the top 20% of its graduates to famous universities such as Tsinghua University, Beijing University, and Beijing Foreign Language University. At present, Zhengzhou Foreign Language School has three independent campuses, covering an area of 49.4 acres, with over 500 staff members and 7000 students. These campuses are independent both in finance and in personnel; however, they are both under the principal's leadership so that it maintains the consistent teaching philosophy.
    During the last 23 years, our school has tremendously transformed. Our excellent academic achievements and bright school graduates have enhanced our good reputation. The academic results of our school top the highest standards in the province. We have maintained the highest percentage of the junior middle school graduates accepted by the senior high schools in Zhengzhou in the last 19 consecutive years. More than 90% of our senior high school students are admitted to colleges and universities across the country.
Our strengths:
    Every single effort is made to accept the best balance of students to optimize the learning environment. As a foreign language school, in our English class, we promise that all students can receive a qualified foreign language education. We not only provide classes on grammar, but also oral English classes that are taught by native English speakers. It offers more opportunities for communication and participation. Our school guarantees that our education will be the highest quality from the courses we offer, we provide small-class sizes; we provide original overseas teaching materials, the employment of teaching methods, qualified teaching staff, modern facilities, and much more.
    Zhengzhou Foreign Language School highly values its talented, finest experienced teachers; our staff is recognized for their hard-work, intelligence, good will, and passion for education; they devote their time and effort to quality teaching. We are convinced that meaningful learning is enhanced through active involvement in the learning process; we believe that a productive and genuine atmosphere is essential for learning and development of independence, collaboration, and critical thinking. Our comprehensive, developmental, and proactive guidance program addresses the personal, social, emotional, and academic needs of our students. Moreover, a focus on the character traits of respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, caring, and citizenship emphasizes a positive and productive environment.
Our students:
    Zhengzhou Foreign Language School is distinguished for its excellence in education and attracts the best students from around Henan Province. It is always the first choice for students who seek for success in academic field. We are committed to student's individual growth. Our students demonstrate good personal management by showing competence through mastering skills, learning strategies, confidence, initiative, and self-reliance. Simply put, Zhengzhou Foreign Language School students spend an extraordinary amount of time pushing them to be the best they can be. Certainly this is true in the classrooms, where students, challenged by their teachers, listen to the questions asked and comments made by their peers.
    Zhengzhou Foreign Language School is a safe and encouraging place for students to live and learn. The idea that each individual brings a unique and valuable dimension to our school drives the relationships in our community. We are seeking to meet the highest standards in performance, athletic competition, artistic expression, leadership activity and intellectual exploration. Zhengzhou Foreign Language School students participate in numerous experiences that ultimately affirm their aptitudes, values and abilities. Acutely aware that every encounter affects a young person's development, staff faculty consciously surrounds students with opportunities for intellectual and personal growth, not only during class, but also during their extracurricular activities and in their social lives.
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